Introduction to Computer Game Development


The most important thing to note is that this is not a module teaching you how to program. It is a module that teaches you about games development in general, and issues relating to games development in particular for the computer programmer. You will - or might! - learn some aspects of programming, but the module is intended to give you understanding of games creation (in the studios) and the games industry (in the lectures).

The studios for this module will be taught using either the Scratch or Pygame development kits depending on your prior experience of programming. For our purposes Python is two pieces of software: the python intrepreter and the pygame C wrapper; pygame makes it easier to create moving imagery on the screen. Scratch is an excellent, if a tad childish, American tool for learning games and animation creation via object orientated development.

  • python wikipedia entry is here
  • python home is here
  • pygame home is here
  • download python here (it comes pre-loaded on Apple Mac's, but probably not the v2.5.x which is the one which works with pygame)
  • download pygame here
  • scratch home page is here where everything you need is stored

There will be lectures in weeks 1-12 (i.e. up to Christmas break) then the three weeks in January are given over to getting the game completed for presentation on-line in your personal e-portfolio space and on WoSGamers.

The classes will look a bit like this:
  • students sign in then lecturer talks in the lecture time about -
    • current relevant games news (open discussion)
    • the topic of the day (main blah blah)
    • the tutorial/homework to be done
    • the studio session to come
  • then there is a chance to optionally chat post-lecture re games for around 30 minutes
  • the studio time will consist of
    • check any homework/tutorial from last week
    • get on and do the studio dev session
    • before you leave get the tutor to check and sign off your work
    • you will sign out of the studio