Introduction to Games Design

Design Docs feedback page

These are links to the design doc feedback for each student. It is in the order - lifo (last in first out) - as submitted to the WoSGamers discussion forum. If you ain't here then either we haven't got round to reading your submission yet, or you didn't apparently submit a doc for feedback.

Dr John - starting at 9.30am Saturday 14th Nov ...

Kieran Nelson, Nicola Gallacher , Alan Wong , Brandon Morris, Seán Hamilton ,
Chris Urquhart , Sean Winston , Jonathan Traynor , Alexander Logue , Stuart Porteous ,

Dr John - break for lunch at 12.45 for me and gran ...
back to work at 1.25 ...

Adam Kale , Mark Teevan , Keith Grant , Peter Little , Jack Chalmers ,
Kenny Montgomery / Michael Robertson , Anthony Walsh , Neil Thomlinson ,
Michael Bez Berryman ,

Dr John - break to prepare tea at 4.10pm ...
all bubbling away nicely (beef stew with various veg in a veg stock with hand-cracked pepper)

discovered on WoSGamers that Derek has an alphabetic list of students and submissions; *sigh*

Kenneth Barr , Garry Buckley , Jamie Bunting , Colin Cameron , David Campbell ,

Dr John - stopping again at 6:05pm to feed the massing hordes demanding their meat
mmm, very nice, even though I say so myself. Back to work at 6.23pm

Jamie Cater , Robert Clark , Greg Johnston , Ross Kilgariff , Mark King ,
Joanne Lawrie , Shona Logan , Marchadour, Sebastien , Declan McGeachey ,
Ben Miller ,

Dr John - stopping again for 15 mins at 8:05pm as son back from shift and wants to eat more dead cow and veg in a cornflour paste

Christoffer Pettersson , Gavin Reid , Christopher Taylor , Lewis Thomson , Matthew Watters.

OK. 12 hours later (almost), at 9.15pm I reach the end of the docs. Its been fun, but tiring. I leave Derek to sort out the stragglers. Bed with hot milk and a slice of toast, methinks ... [Dr John:logout]

Big thanks to Dr. John for all his hard work, I've now (finally) got round to looking at the last few docs ...James Hodgart/Steven Logan/James Moore, Lee MacLeod, Giovanni Masucci, Mark Noble, Joshua Styles, Aeron Coyle, Sean Kelly, Grant Scott, Javier Martinez/Leopold Riola