Introduction to Computer Game Development

Re-assessment for Session 2009-10

You have to do five separate tasks, working alone, in order to pass:

  • create a 3 minute gameplay game using either Scratch or Python/Pygame; post a copy of the game available to play via your TuDocs page (60% of final mark)
  • capture 5 good examplar screens and a 1-minute vidcap of the game running and post these as 'photos' and 'video' on your TuDocs page (20% of final mark)
  • create a publicity poster for the game and post this as a 'photo' on your TuDocs page (20% of final mark)
  • send an email to me ( with the url of your tudocs page.
  • hand in date: Friday 27th August at 12pm

The same marking regime applies to the first three major parts:
"The work presented is ...
A - of a standard that would be expected in a professional games development studio
B1 - satisfies all the criteria requested
B2 - satisfies all the criteria presented, but has some significant flaws
C - is adequate but not of great quality
D - requires significant rework in order to pass
E - requires restarting from scratch
F - shows no evidence of any work being done"

The Poster,
  • should be 1 A4 page
  • should show the game title, some screencaps and have an interesting strap-line
  • should be based on good practice, which should be referenced by a comment on your TuDocs photo as a set of URLs that link to the real-world posters that inspired you

The Game,
The game theme is: balloons. The basic game idea is that balloons appear and have to be burst, or not. Balloons appear from the side (blown in), above (falling down) and below (rising up) the screen. Green balloons are worth points, yellow ones are not, and red ones cost points. You should add appropriate noises ('pop', 'bang') and some effects when the balloons burst.

  • This game should contain at least one level with around 3 minutes of gameplay.
  • There should be some programmer-generated imagery for sprites, backgrounds and effects.
  • There should be some use of sound effects and music
  • there should be clear player progress through the level(s)
  • it should be fun!
  • all copyright material used should be acknowledged