Computer Games Development Project 2: completing the game

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Lecturer's Comments

written in early week 3

This module is being delivered with the CGTech project as a single class. However, whereas the CGT group are starting from scratch with the Ogre engine, the CGDev students taking this module are continuing a project begun in first semester using UT3 to develop complete games. The first semester, with Dr Daniel Livingstone, went very well and the stduents' work is excellent, exhibiting good technical grasp of the technology but with gameplay required.

The assessments are divided between compelting the game, getting it played, and thinking about what it all meant. There is a high degree of group work, so common marking will be significant. However, if there is evidence of poor work or teamplay this will be seen in the weekly meetings (1 hour per group) with the two tutors.

I have high hopes at this stage that we will see complete, multilevel, playable, 3D games up and working online by the end of semester from each of the three groups. Two of them are considering going commercial with their games.

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