COMP09015 Games Project: Creating Game

Assessment Specification

There are four things you have to have provably done:
  1. write a game as part of a development team
  2. define and perform QA on the game
  3. get public playing the game
  4. gather in and reflect upon player experiences

You will have to submit two separately assessed groups of evidence:
  • On the Game's Development (50%)
    • a record of the game being played as a set of 4-6 video clips and 10-15 stills, posted on your TuDocs page
    • a personal report on the development of c1,000 words
    • a copy of the team QA plan
    • a copy of the roll-out plan
  • On the Players' experiences (50%)
    • presentation of data on 5-10 players' experiences, perhaps via an online feedback mechanism
    • analysis of players' experiences of c2,000 words.

The timescale is as follows:

week 8: QA plan, roll-out plan
week 10: player trials begin
week 12: player trials end
week 13: analysis of trials complete, clips & stills posted, player feedback posted.
week 14: presentation of games to School, personal report posted.

Marking Scheme:

A (70-100%) - the work submitted is of the standard expected in a commercial development studio
B1 (60-69%) - all of the above areas are covered adequately
B2 (50-59%) - up to two of the above areas are inadequately covered, but all areas are covered
C (40-49%) - all the areas are covered, but three or more are inadequate
D (30-39%) - one or more of the areas above are not covered
E (0-29%) - the submission is inadequate and all aspects should be entirely redone