COMP09015 Games Project: Creating Game

Re-ssessment Specification session 2009-10

There are four things you have to have provably done:
  • write a game
  • define and perform QA on the game
  • get public playing the game
  • gather in and reflect upon player experiences

You will develop a working game level using UDK. The game will be of a topic of your choice, but you must clear it before starting with the lecturer: The submission deadline for all work is Friday 27th August at 12pm. All work must be clearly available via your TuDocs e-portfolio page.

You will have to submit two separately assessed groups of evidence:
  • On the Game's Development (50%)
    • a record of the game being played as a set of 4-6 video clips and 10-15 stills, posted on your TuDocs page
    • a personal report on the development of c1,000 words
    • a copy of the QA plan
    • a copy of the roll-out plan
  • On the Players' experiences (50%)
    • presentation of data on 5-10 players' experiences, perhaps via an online feedback mechanism
    • analysis of players' experiences of c2,000 words.

Marking Scheme:

A (70-100%) - the work submitted is of the standard expected in a commercial development studio
B1 (60-69%) - all of the above areas are covered adequately
B2 (50-59%) - up to two of the above areas are inadequately covered, but all areas are covered
C (40-49%) - all the areas are covered, but three or more are inadequate
D (30-39%) - one or more of the areas above are not covered