Computer Game Design

Re-Assessment for Session 2009-10

There are three major pieces of work to be produced, each worth a third of the final mark, plus two important details:

  • a detailed game and technical design
  • a working game level
  • a reflection on the work done
  • all available through your TuDocs page
  • to be submitted by Friday 27th August at 12pm.

Please note the following arithmetic: do the maths - it is hard to pass this work if you only hand in two of the three parts, or if your work is not clearly accessible to the marker. If you only hand in two pieces then you need an average of 60% or greater in these two pieces in order to pass.

The same marking regime applies to all three major parts:

"The work presented is ...

A - of a standard that would be expected in a professional games development studio
B1 - satisfies all the criteria requested
B2 - satisfies all the criteria presented, but has some significant flaws
C - is adequate but not of great quality
D - requires significant rework in order to pass
E - requires restarting from scratch
F - shows no evidence of any work being done"

The Design Document

This should be an e-presentation of the game ideas and implementation in a mix of words and pictures. It should include the following:
  • an outline of the basic game idea; this is an app-style game based on running around shooting objects
  • storyboards of significant action scenes in the levels
  • sketches of characters, scenery, etc. created using traditional means and scanned into the document
  • some ideas on the music to accompany the game play, and your reasoning
  • some thoughts on the technical implementation of the game if it were to be written for an Andriod smart-phone
  • placed on your TuDocs page

Game Level

You should create a working implementation of the game using a suitable package, such as UDK, Neverwinter Knights or GameMaker. You should hand in, via your TuDocs page:

  • static imagery screencaps of the game level as 'photos'
  • a 1-minute vidcap of the game level as a 'video'


You should keep a detailed log of all work done on the project. This will probably be on a traditional notebook, but may also be partly electronic. This should all be scanned and submitted electronically. The e-log should include a range of the following items:

  • personal sketches of ideas, imagery and notes
  • details of real-world sites visited
  • details of games played/considered, software used/considered, hardware considerations
  • personal blog on progress
  • reflections on the process and lessons learned for the next project.