Beep Boop Gaming

Tech Doc Feedback

  • readability - nicely laid out. could do with some eye candy ... diagrams, tables, etc. Demographic section - don't care, put in game design doc
  • target platform & dev kit - very well presented. you have clearly justified why you will be using the XNA Studio(n)
  • staffing - need to put some more thought into scheduling the work out. good start knowing that your time won't be evenly spread through the year, but try come up with a reasonable looking Gantt chart
  • costing - we like the idea of how you're keeping costs down, but try and put some numbers on it, specifying limits to what u will spend
  • payback - no moneyz for u :(

Summary - Start of document is very realistic, but you seem to run out of steam towards the end. Don't need to change what you're saying ... just add to it. Be very careful about Intellectual Property when developing on University computers!

Draft mark: 50%

Final feedback: Very realistic outlook for developing your game. Nice to see that you have taken the original feedback on-board and made some improvements. I hope you will seriously be trying to develop this project as it looks well worth while.

Final mark: 75%