Design Doc Feedback

  • One-liner? Describe your game in a single sentence
  • Puzzles section needs completed, but you already know that
  • Structure of document (page-page flow) is a bit uncertain
  • Character descriptions - need a bit more detail, less dating profiles
  • Storyboards - these images intentially left blank?

In general - very entertaining design, quite to the point. Obviously a lot of effort has gone into this, and it is quite easy to imagine this game. Well done.

Draft mark: 50%

Comments on final document:

This is extremely good. It is difficult to see why you can't just go ahead and do this, now. It would have been nice to give an even higher mark, but there is always room for improvement. Perhaps this would be more obvious once the game was written, to check the design back against. The youtube links are great. What more could you do? Perhaps a deeper insight into the evils of jubjub. But, extremely well done; I rarely, if ever, give marks beyond this level.

Final mark: 85%