Week 2 - Games in the Media

  • Augmented reality - Edge & metro (nothing), Edge is rather poor for ?, Metro covers news/celebs/films/music/theatre/sport,
  • general - Herald can't handle games, Shortlist covers film/tv/music/tiny bit of games, Daily Mail
  • Daily Mail v Call of Duty - shock, horror, stupid parents/children, evil companies; DM hates other things too
  • despite games outselling most other entertainment products
  • how typical are gamers? - changing demographics
  • decline in newspaper circulation
  • BBC - games = 'trash', can BBC people understand games?, different terminology, cannot match stage sets to gamers expectations
  • websites - metro.co.uk links to otehr people's coverage,
  • radio 1 - mid-day coverage potentially good
  • mismatch between trad media coverage and gamers (demographics)
  • Star, Record and Sun cover games a bit but regularly
  • Gruaniad - does various levels of games coverage, but it covers everything; perhaps the best games coverage, Charlie Brooker, handle games well as games as it is a liberal newspaper
  • why is 12A game sex 'terrible' compared to 12A movies?

People talk to their audience?
Or ...

  • interweb -newspapers/BBC are the same online, but general tech is better, no regular games reviews, credibility gap with gamers,
  • trustworthy to gamers - other players, specific websites, more anarchic, safe sources to cite (not used by general press)
  • general press like to control, plus legal controls
  • IGN has comments (prob unmoderated) versus the BBC has heavily moderated comments, IGN bases ratings on comments
  • BBC covers casual games better, Wii is good, why? visual, family-friendly; iPad better
  • journalists lie and its hard to lie about games
  • games are percieved as geeky and journalists lose peer cred by covering games

Shops -
  • games sold like booze/fags, but not so with movies
  • stores always challenge, companies don't sell to minors, games are not percieved as being as serious as movies by buyers

games are interactive
  • are movies more immersive than games as you identify more strongly with the main character?
  • are movies more real
  • compare fast cars driving with sitting-in-car - the second is worse
  • psychology of games - are movies more disturbing than games violence
  • sociology of games - are gamers different, with different experiences, different norms; do people who read the Daily Mail *not* buy games; games are escapism & realism may have limits
  • physiology of games - (Caroline Leaf), some very positive stuff (e.g. Scottish Tech show at SECC)

new laws required?
  • virtual war crimes?!?!?!
  • virtual adultery, rape, theft, ...
  • already covered by existing laws

Therefore ...

  • reports on games are generally - poor, masochistic, weird, dumbed down, rare, negative, shallow, we would say they are biased, inaccurate, sometimes laddish/unprofessional, Edge is pretentious
  • who are they for? - non-gamers, is anybody listening or is it just Phil Airtyme/Phillipa Slott, Edge is for people who want to like they are cool
  • OPSMag are spokesmags for publishers