Book Chapter on Cloud Teaching

0. title, JNS, affiliation, email
0.1 abstract (300 words)

1. Introduction - NB *not* online learning - it is learner support

2. Background
2.1 how it was usually done - paper, intranet, blackboard, banner, email, txt
2.2 why it had to be done differently - multi-campus, failure rates, new-tech generation

2.3 making the choices - serendipity, tech-awareness, 38minutes, wikipedia
2.3.1 a process of choices over time, reflexive practice (Shoen, Lave & Wegner)

3. What we are doing - .ning, .com, wikispaces, WoSGamers,,

4. Issues
4.1 pros - free/cheap, available, workable, Cloud, stable, community (v centralised IT helpdesk), exposes students to real IT issues
4.2 cons - no input to decisions, one-size-fits-all, trust required, who's paying?
4.3 overall stability of solution - how long is a piece of string, has IT ever been stable, how long is a solution required for

5. conclusions - successful, don't commit too much, be prepared to switch, don't expect uni to go with you, easier for applied computing people?
5.1 future work - keep eyes open, listen to students,

6. references
Lave & Wegner
Donald Shoen,