Analysing Computer Games

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Lecturer's Comments:

This is the first running of this module at Paisley campus to Games students (it ran last year at Dumfries campus to non-games students). As such this is the first 'real' run of the module. It is also almost exclusively being delivered (except 1 student) to students reading the new 3rd year of the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development degree.

I have attempted to remain within the spirit of the module, which I originally devised, whilst making it more relevant and do-able within the administrative restrictions of delivery. However, the learning outcomes and assessment structure remains as defined. Instead of an individual student doing two separate pieces of around 2,000 words each on different (or not) topics, I have opted to ask the students to choose from a preselected list of current games topics (as defined by our WoSGamers community in a month-long web poll). Students will choose one topic and investigate it, in order to produce a refereed academic paper to be presented at the end of the semester to a group of academics.

Students can opt to work together on a longer paper, and will share the same mark. Where students work on an individual paper it should be around 4,000 words. WHere students work together this will be a longer paper of 8,000 (2 students) or 12,000 (3 students) respectively. Students will have their papers pre-assessed and commented on (as for a normal conference) before being asked to resubmit a final copy.

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